Berkshire Commercial Catering Services will maintain all your catering appliances - both Gas (Natural & LPG) and Electrical units.

BCCS service and maintain food preparation, cooking and ware washing equipment as supplied by all of the industry's leading manufacturers.

Regular maintenance of your equipment will help provide longer life expectancy and will ensure the appliances work more efficiently. Contact us to discuss what you can expect by having a scheduled maintenance plan.

Maintenance Contracts

Planned maintenance contracts range from one or more service visits per year and are tailored to suit your own personal requirements.


Having a formal annual agreement with BCCS elevates you to the status of "Priority Customer" bringing you all the benefits afforded to our contracted clients. 

For your free of charge consultative visit - by our team to your premises - please contact us.

Berkshire Commercial Catering Services (BCCS) 

Tel: 07714166310